Oct WOW31 Meeting – Guest: Naomi Dowdy

WOW31 meeting at our Christian Church in Orange County in Aliso Viejo with Apostle Naomi Dowdy.

Join us for our October WOW31 Women’s Meeting with Naomi Dowdy.

More than forty years ago, she made the shift from being a business woman in California to become a young missionary to the Marshall Islands. Moving from island to island to preach the gospel, she battled loneliness and culture shock, while breaking open coconuts for food and drink. During that time, she built churches, a Bible School and dormitories. Her responsibilities were as wide and varied as the islands of Micronesia across which she traveled to nurture church plants.

En route to her next assignment, she stopped over in Singapore, where she was approached to pastor a church with, as she puts it, 42 members and 75 problems. She heard the audible voice of God to take on the assignment, to move from the role of an evangelist to that of a pastor. After arguing with God (and losing that argument), she became the interim pastor.

The ‘interim’ period turned out to be almost 30 years. By the time she turned the church over to her spiritual sons and daughters, Trinity Christian Centre in Singapore had grown into a church of global impact, with more than 4000 in attendance, a global missions program and three freehold properties in the land-scarce city state. The church continues to thrive under her sucessor Rev Dominic Yeo, and has since grown to more than 5,500 in attendance.

Today, Dr Dowdy is helping a new generation of leaders fulfill God’s calling upon their lives. She mentors church leaders, business leaders, and men and women in strategic leadership positions. Her apostolic vision has an immense impact on all who hear her speak or read her books. She is inspiring and raising a new generation of world-changers.

You don’t want to miss it!

About WOW31:

Founded by Susan Dunn, WOW31 is a resource platform for Christian women to share, learn, inspire and encourage each other. Women are created by God to connect and relate; we are designed for relationships. And to live a life of success requires us to understand our purpose in life and to master the art of managing our relationships with our Lord Jesus Christ, spouse, children, family members, friends, colleagues and the people God has called us to serve.

Through providing resources to women, our mentorship programs and international events, the vision and purpose of WOW31 is to empower every Christian woman to live the life of a Proverbs 31 woman; who is precious in the sight of God, cherished by her husband, honored by her children and respected in the marketplace and ministry.

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